Our commitment

Yamatou's Commitments

Yamatou actualizes the best flavor of Himono as"Yamaou's delicious Himono -dried seafood" that will satisfy everyone who is knowledgeable about food as the excellent selection of our products by the commitments to the ingredients and the processing methods. 

Commitment to ingredients

Yamatou increases the deliciousness of Himono by using the ingredients with the high level of freshness.

We always makes best efforts including purchasing seafood from the distant production area and processing frozen fresh seafood in order to offer the best prices for customers whenever they want, wherever they are.

 "Yamatou's delicious high grade Himono" is processed with high grade and good fatty seafood through careful selection which normally too expensive for Himono to use, landed at several fishery ports in the Ise-Shima islands. 

After the careful selection, we are in the process step of the high grade seafood immediately after they arrive at the processing factory.

This is Yamatou's starting point of creating the high deliciousness of Himono - immediately processing freshest and high grade seafood with fat while keeping the freshness.

Commitment to the methods of processing

"Two steps of Tatejio - immersing in salt water process "

The process of immersing seafood slit open along the belly in saltwater is called as "Tatejio".

This "Tatejio" process is much important as the texture increases since letting salt penetrate to the body of seafood tightens the tissue and neutralizes the smell of seafood.

For the process, a highly elaborated way according to the ingredients is required as the concentration of the salt water and the temperature will finalize the deliciousness of Himono.

Then, we do the "Tatejio" process again in new saltwater after the first "Tatejio" step is done for neutralizing the smell of seafood cut open along the belly.

Combination of "Sun drying" and "low-temperature drying"

Sun drying process has the advantage to create a thin film on the surface of seafood slit and keep the good flavor inside the body.

However, the longer sun drying does not make Himono better.

If the sun drying is done too long at the timing of summer with strong sunshine, it makes the seafood overheated and decreases the good flavor.

We improve the method of making the thin film on the surface of the seafood body to more speedy way as we can at each season and quickly dry them in the low temperature drying room immediately after the film is created.

Commitment to delivery

In old times, the mainstream of Himono products is the type of high salty to increase the preservative quality.

In modern times, however, every household has a refrigerator and the logistics system is fully capable of cold storage like freezing and then the mainstream of processing Himono has eventually changed to make lower salty Himono as placing priority more on the deliciousness than the preservative quality.

As the result, Himono in modern days has the shorter freshness date than conventional ones.

Then, in order to let customers enjoy the freshly made Himono whenever they want, we deliver "Yamatou's delicious high grade Himono -dried seafood " in freezing status.