History of Yamato

1958 1958 Manufacture of dried bonito in Tasoura, Semachida

The predecessor Fujio Yamamoto got off the bonito boat and started processing dried fish using fresh local fish.

Breakfast at Toba's inn and hotel, which became popular as a tourist destination. Started to wholesale dried fish for use
1991 Incorporated and became Yamato Co., Ltd.
1998 Established a new live fish tank and started selling seafood
2002 Started online sales
2003 Started trading with Kuma no Nada Fisheries Cooperative (currently Mie Sotowan Fisheries Cooperative) for year-end gifts and middle yuan
2012 Participated in Mie Prefecture Brand Academy and worked on making new types of dried fish
Completion of "boneless dried bonito"
2013 Started trading with Maxvalu, Aeon in Mie Prefecture