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Kumi Yamamoto

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3907-1, Tasoura, Minami-Isecho, Watarai district, Mie Prefecture

Description of additional charges other than product price

Delivery charge (included tax ) is required in addition to the total amount of price of products (included tax)
※ Cash on Delivery option needs additionally the cash on delivery fee in addition to the above total price and delivery charge.

Time limit of order

The order is effective within 7 days after the initial application. In case the payment is not made within the 7 days, it shall be regarded as no intention of purchase and the order is automatically cancelled.

Saleable Quantity

Please check it on each product page.

Time of Delivery

It takes average of 4 or 5 days from an order to the delivery. If you want to designate the date of delivery, please fulfill the date in the remarks column (the date should be after 4 or 5 days from the order date.) In addition, please note that the above average delivery date does not include Saturday, Sunday or National Holiday. If the delivery time expects Saturday, Sunday or National Holiday in the period, it may take more time in addition to the above average delivery time.

Payment options

Credit cards, Cash on Delivery, and Bank transfer are available. The total amount of payment will be noticed to you in e-mail on each order as confirmation.

【Credit cards】

Only Single Payment is available with any credit card.
The shipment will be made within 6 days after we Seller confirms the credit card payment is completely settled.

【Cash on Delivery】

You are required to pay for the payment to Courier at the delivery time. Please be more carefule when choosing this option if you plan to send the product to a third party other than you.
The shipment will be made within 6 days after the order is confirmed.

【Bank transfer】

Payment in advance with bank transfer:The shipment will be made within 6 days after we Seller confirms the payment is transferred.
Bank account information :
百五銀行 五ヶ所支店
普通 221139
有限会社 山藤(ユウゲンカイシャ ヤマトウ)

Time limit for Payment

Bank Transfer : 10 days after the order date is the payment due date.

Service Name

Ise-Shima speciality - high grade dried seafood processing - direct delivery from the place of production "Dried Seafood Manufacturer - Yamatou"

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